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Overview - About me


If you don't have time to navigate my website here is a brief overview of me and my work that might help you decide whether or not you wish to use my counselling or supervision services


If you like what you see take time to explore my website further to find out more about me and my work. I have a private practice in North Bristol where therapy and training take place.


If you just want to book an appointment to talk things through either email me at or phone me on 07896276450 




About me

I am a member of BACP since training as a counsellor at the University of Bristol where I first gained a post-graduate Diploma in Counselling before studying for an MSc in Counselling.



How I approach my work

Every person is unique and so my approach to counselling is designed to suit the individual once I get to know them and their situation. During our first meeting, we will decide if we can work together and if so we will discuss how that might look and decide together the best way forward. The building of a trusting therapeutic relationship is the most important first step. This is followed by creating a safe, confidential space where together we can explore whatever the client brings to their counselling sessions.


I am a trained humanistic, integrative therapist and have adapted my practice to include a range of creative therapies in my practice, such as dance movement therapy, narrative therapy, and art therapy. I am also a dance movement therapist and have specialized in working therapeutically with children.



Why counselling?

There are many reasons why people decide to seek counselling. Some people come because they are depressed, stressed, anxious, bereaved or traumatized. Sometimes people may experience unexplained bodily symptoms, nightmares, panic attacks, unwanted thoughts or intrusive images. Past memories and experiences that remain unresolved might cause difficulties. People also experience difficulties at work or within their family. They might have concerns related to being hurt, frightened or feelings related to abandonment and rejection or lack of confidence and low self-worth.




Training, qualifications & experience

I originally qualified as a Secondary Teacher of Physical Education, Education and Dance in 1969 before retraining to specialize in Early Years Education from 1989. Alongside this role in Education, I am a Mental Health and Social, Emotional Behaviour Consultant in an Inclusion Team and an Internationally Accredited Developmental Movement Trainer/Therapist, specializing in Parent/Family Support, Domestic Abuse, Attachment and Trauma-Related Developmental Issues. I retrained as a Counsellor at the University of Bristol and now have a private practice in counselling and supervision.



My qualifications are:

Certificate of Education in teaching

Post Graduate Professional Studies in Early Childhood studies 

Sherborne Dance Movement Advanced Practitioner/International Trainer

Bachelor of Education (Hons) Degree 

Ph.D. – Children’s Emotional, Behavioural and Mental Well-being 

Post-graduate Diploma in Counselling 

MSc in Counselling



I am:

A member of the British Association for Counselling (BACP)

An Accredited Play Therapy Supervisor (PTUK)

An Advanced Practitioner/International Trainer of Sherborne Developmental Movement (Association of SDM)



What do I work with?

I work with a wide range of difficulties:

  •            Abuse

  •            Anxiety

  •            Bereavement

  •            Bullying

  •            Chronic pain

  •            Couples issues

  •            Depression

  •            Disabilities

  •            Dissociation

  •            Domestic abuse and violence

  •            Emotional abuse

  •            Family issues

  •            Low self-confidence

  •            Low self-esteem

  •            Miscarriage

  •            Obsessive-compulsive disorder

  •            Physical abuse

  •            Post-traumatic stress disorder

  •            Pregnancy and birth

  •            Relationship issues

  •            Sex problems

  •            Sexual abuse

  •            Sexuality

  •            Spirituality

  •            Stress

  •            Suicidal thoughts

  •            Trauma

  •            Work-related stress




I charge £55.00 per hour for individuals and £65.00 per hour for couples. One-off assessments can be arranged and I have a number of concession spaces at £50 per hour for those on limited income or benefits.


In supervision, I charge £60 for organizations, £55.00 for individuals, £50 for students or people with concessions.


Alongside counselling I provide supervision and support for counsellors, psychotherapists, dance movement therapists, play therapists, education, health and social care professionals. In addition, I have published several books and papers based on my practice in education, counselling and research.



For more details about me, my work or my publications please visit my website:

Or phone me on:




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