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 Research projects and supervision for research 


A practice underpinned by Research
Research should not just be secondary research,often conducted by professionalsoutside of the world of the educator, but should be research, which is conducted bythose within educational settingsas reflective and proactive practitioners - Jones, Whitehurst & Egerton 

My role combines practice, research and training in education and therapy. As a practitioner reseacher I have been involved in action research and practitioner led qualitative research since the end of the 80s. I am currently researching the use of creative therapies in the treatment of trauma related dissociation for my counselling Masters which was submitted in September 2013. 


This study is a living inquiry that investigates the many non-verbal therapies that can accompany talking therapy especially for the client who is unable to speak about traumatic memories and injuries that led to the use of dissociationt as a protective strategy. The different modalities of therapy explored in the study therapy includes person-centered therapy, EMDR, intensive journalling, letter writing, poetry, scultpture, drawing and dance movement therapy. Excerts of which can be found below.


Other recent research includes the use of Dance Movement to address the difficulties that might arise in the attached relationship between mother and child. This practitioner-led research explores how using ourselves to communicate through movement can transform lives and well-being. The study demonstrates how taking part in physical, non-verbal relationship play helps to improve the lives of vulnerable families. The process is discussed in light of the participants’ relationships with each other and the changes brought about through their shared movement experiences. Parents and children can continue the non-verbal 'Developmental Movement Play' practice at home to devlop more meaningful attached relationships with each other.



Support for research is the same process as for supervision on the 'Supervision and Therapy' page


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