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Moving Moments

"IF YOU HAVE A BODY, YOU ARE A DANCER."​ Gabrielle Roth, 2009.


No matter how young, how old, how able or dis-abled you can still dance the rhythm of life in this fully inclusive practice that invites any disability into the experience. Experience dance movement alone with a partner, in a small or large group. 

Mothers and babies do it in 'Moving Moments'. Give it a try, experience joy in self and each other! A full body mind experience. Come along and experience the joy of life in one of Jan Filer's Developmental Movement Play


Better still do the full 4 level DMP accredited training and experience the same joy in work as in life.

A course for parent and child designed to work creatively and open-heartedly with parents and babies to promote secure attachment.


'Moving Moments' (Also known as Developmental Movement Play for Babies)


Pleased to let you know that the DMP  attachment course 'Moving Moments' will be running In the autumn to further deepen your understanding of  Sherborne and Attachment. For practitioners and therapists working for families with babies and young children under 5 years of age. Exact details of this course will appear on the courses page at the end of the summer.


Course Aims

To experience joy in the mother-baby relationship

To promote secure attachment

To build safe relationships with self and others

To begin to understand non-verbal cues

To promote parental confidence



'Moving Moments' is a dance-movement therapy designed to work creatively and open-heartedly with parents and babies to promote secure attachment. Priority is given to building relationships; between workers and families, between parents, between babies, and between parents and babies. This creates safety in the space that enables parents to increase their reflective capacity, begin to understand their child’s non-verbal communication and so learn to respond appropriately to their cues. This promotes parental confidence such that they begin to feel more ‘on top of things’, all of which have been shown to increase secure attachment. A study done by UWE showed that parents who regularly attended similar dance-movement proammes have significantly reduced anxiety and depression also enabling more effective parenting. Moving Moments is delivered by Dr. Jan Filer, a dance movement therapist and Early Years Consultant or by practitioners who are trained and supervised in the programme. The programme is for parents and children aged 0-1 and 1-2 years. It is run either as a 2 term programme or until children reach the 1 or 2-year birthday milestone depending on which programme they are attending. (A good follow-up to baby massage groups)


Course Content

At the beginning of each session, parents are encouraged to share something of their experiences as a parent in order to reduce isolation through shared experience and promote reflective capacity. Time is then spent actively engaged in dance movement based play and verbal reflection on these activities. A shared dance, blankets ('Blanket Play', Jan filer) colourful props, songs and rhymes are used that encourage eye contact and mutually supportive physical contact between parent and baby. Interventions are focused on enabling parents to find their own unique way of being with their baby that can bring enjoyment to them both. Parents feedback at the end of each session and time is set aside afterward for practitioners to think about the changing needs and achievements of each family.


How can this course be accessed?

Contact Jan Filer through this website shopping trolley by requesting:

To book a course in your setting/area

An individual place on a course running in your area (There is a charge for these sessions)

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