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Understanding the impact 


Domestic Abuse and Violence  


This course is suitable for people who work in education, therapy, social and health care in any capacity. It can also be facilitated as an in-house training





  • To highlight the impact of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) on children, young people and adults


  • To provide practitioners with an awareness of DVA issues

  • To enable practitioners to be clear about what to do if they or the people they work with have concerns about DVA




  • Welcome, introduction and background

  • Aims and objectives

  • Bristol Against Violence and Abuse (BAVA)

  • Quiz

  • Beliefs and behaviour of:

                 ‘The Dominator’,

                  A Decent Human Being

  • Why is DVA relevant in your settings?

  • Small group activity:

                 How are children affected by domestic abuse?

                 Links between woman and child abuse

  • How you can spot the signs/ask about DVA

  • Web activity

  • Barriers to leaving

  • Who needs to know?

  • Hope for the future

  • Evaluation

4th July

@ Bristol 




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