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Counselling and Supervision via Skype


Is Counselling or Supervision Via Skype For You?

Pursuing therapy online (Counselling via Skype) is a modern solution to an increasingly common situation. Skype coaching and therapy sessions are becoming a popular way to seek the help of professionals, without waiting around.

With one in four people now experiencing mental health issues at some point in their lives, any unnecessary stigma is gently eroding. And yet public funding is still being slashed. Of course, we already know that much more needs to be done to find the right solution for people immediately. We all face challenges in our lives and the bravest, the most liberating thing we can do is to seek support in finding ways to cope. This is because in doing so, we are taking ownership of our situation.

So, is Skype therapy the right solution for you?

Online coaching and therapy sessions actually open up the possibility for clients to hire reputable professionals in the field of coaching, counselling and therapy. Sometimes we aren’t able to wait to register on a course or to be allocated a professional and choosing Skype sessions allows these goals to be met, regardless of where you live.

Despite probably seeing warning signs, your decision to begin the journey of therapy sessions can happen anywhere and at any time. If you’re a busy person who struggles to make time for this all-important change in your life; Skype sessions could be the answer. Similarly, if you spend a lot of time transient or are close to moving house when you decide to seek resolution, Skype sessions are convenient and reduce travel time and its associated anxieties.

Because the nature of sessions via Skype still enables you to maintain face-to-face contact; your coach or therapist will be able to recognize visual signals. Ultimately this means you are not losing anything by choosing this style of therapy.  Try to be as open as possible about establishing a schedule, routine and a shared comfort level using Skype. Many clients prefer this method because they are comfortable in familiar surroundings. In turn, this allows them to be more honest and open.

We have created an offer for those who are interested in getting some support via Skype. For October and November, all of our services: from NLP to anxiety coaching; and from counselling for depression to trauma; will be half price. That makes it £60 per session or £110 for a double session. If it’s more convenient for you, we can also arrange the sessions via telephone.  We offer this service from 7.00am through to 10.00pm: 7 days of the week.  All follow up sessions will also be charged at this reduced rate.

To find out more or to book your session please email:



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