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My very own twin peaks

I now have my very own 'twin peaks' where there was once muscle. It has been a strange process getting used to having a very different feel to my body, especially as I have been a body-aware person all my life.

The empty space on my between the 'twin peaks' as I fondly refer to my now strangely shaped upper arm has become the central feature of many artworks. The burning colours of sundrenched 'bodyscapes' and 'skinscapes' reflects both the damage of burning sun on skin and the raging inner heat of inflamation that causes daily pain still.

I have reconnected to the ceative processes of my early years when I had time to draw and sculpt. Processes that I have not had chance to use in the busyness of my 'grown - up life. It no longer matters that I will never make anything of my art. I understand the importance of the process and its meaning to me. Nothing else matters.


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