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Under attack once more

Process of healing

Another set back in the process of healing.




Am I really healing?

The same old process in the game of life under threat

An invasion coming from beneath the surface

The bit I knew he'd left there when he sucked it from my skin

Slurped out like a sea creature from the deep

Clasping slimy tentacles wrapped around muscle

Pulled by the surgeons tweezers


All gone?

He said it not me

I saw in my mind's eye

The little bit he'd left there


To attack me

Not gone

A liitle bit left inside of me

The tiny minuscule particle I saw

Clasping to muscle still

Clinging on for dear life

My life


The tiny broken tentacle

Hidden in my muscle

Deathly parasite

Ready to reproduce and reproduce again

at some time in the future

Set out to get me

And now

All grown

The process resumes

The fear

The waiting

The feeling

The the hearing of news

Now what?

The process of removal resumes

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