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Liking winter in the early morning light

A favourite start to my day! Sitting outside my kitchen door before anyone else is up seeing in the morning light with a good drink - sadly often hot water these days of chronic illness. A little peaceful haven that sets me up for the day come wind, rain or shine. I have never bothered to take much heed of the elements in my enjoyment of them. A little spot I shared for the first hour of every morning when my granddaughter came home from Finland to stay when she was a few months old. She loved to sit and watch the trees in the wind, the birds flying overhead or the little squirrel that came down from climbing the Eucalyptus tree. Will she remember it when she visits again in march I wonder. The tree that belonged to my father when he was alive. The one that I took out of the pot to grow free and wild that now waves its branches way over the height of the house. Every time the robin swoops down to sit on the branches near I am reminded of my father and how much he taught me about nature. I tell my granddaughter stories about him and my childhood to amuse her but I doubt shell ever remember them. Strange through how children seem to love stories about your real childhood.


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