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If only it just takes time

In my therapeutic work and in my personal life I often hear people say that “time heals all wounds.” Time is healing my physical wounds quite nicely but it would be good if we could all just sit back and wait for the healing to come. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen just like that with emotional wounds. Emotional wounds from our traumas whatever they might be do not go away on their own because our memory stays with us. Our minds respond to life in the only context we have, that is through our memory. When our memory is filled with the aftermath of our trauma it sickens us because we respond to our world, in part at least, as if the untruths we think about ourselves are real. To heal from emotional trauma we have to work to actively reshape ourselves and our memory. Times does help emotional healing but it also takes positive action on our part and on the part of those around us to give healing a chance to take place.

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