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Snowdrops will come again

Poingnant moment in time for me - snow drops breaking through ice. The first buds of spring that symbolise new life, new starts, the end of darkness. Perhaps this year life will change, it will go on despite loss. Loss of loved ones, loss of special friends. Life will go on despite difficult goodbyes. Little white buds of newfound hope pushing their way through the earth speak silently to me, their secret meanings and memories shared with but a few who know me well still. Bringing back bitter sweet memories of times gone by, significant poses watered by tears slipping silently from my watering eyes. How can I make them last longer than their natural life to remind me still of all they represent and all I hold so dear? It's just their beginning. A few weeks to relish their untold personal meanings. Enjoy, remember and hold on to each precious moment in time before the snowy white buds fade and slip back down into darkness for another year.

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