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Leading the way

Leading the way

One strong little white light shining through a cold and barren landscape marking the space for others to follow. My first snowdrops have pushed their way through the cold icy ground. One leading the way, the other following close behind like the pupil and master they remind me of. Snowdrops do come again each year - when they are ready and in their own sweet time. This clump just two years old, reminiscent of times gone by and meaningful only to me but in such a childish way that only those who truly know me will understand why.

Snowdrops - linked to people and places, memories brought to mind each year by the pure white budds bobbing in the wind. Recognising by their appearance that some things inevitable change, whilst others do not. Security in knowing that life goes on even when one thinks it might really be stopping. New memories brought forth by the connections we make to ground ourselves, perhaps in nature like me, in our own strange unique and personal ways. Memories still being made by the same such indicators as the little snowdrops that bring to mind so many signifiant people and places in my life. Memories marked by the same little white flower pushing its delicate head through hard and barren land when winter breaks into spring once more. The cycle of life goes on.

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