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Beyond Frozen

At the core of my resilience is the ability to keep shifting and re-formatting the way I see the world and my place in it. Coming out of the withdrawal stage to unfreeze the frozen is happening with the onset of the time of year that suits me best. Having articulated some of the experiences and pain of the past, I am beginning to find an awareness of their meaning. It is only now that I am able to think seriously about taking action to create change in the present and gain a senes of what is possible for the future.

I have delved 'Deep Inside' to discover what lays in all the little dark spaces 'Between Bones' to uncover that the detail of my grounding needs to come from the detail hidden between my toes ('Detail between the toes'). so that my bare feet can touch the ground again. I am warming up to unfreeze the frozen and yes, snowdrops will come again!

'Deep Inside' April 2015

'Between Bones' April 2015

Detail Between the Toes April 2015

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