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Who am I today?

At last I am through a particularly difficult period of process after my last constellation of intention and feel back in a different place of living. Don't know which child part of me I am today but I am certainly going to enjoy being who ever I am going to be. After having my head down at my computer for the last three weeks writing 19 exceptionally difficult reports for children's Top Up funding, I've just looked up to re-connect with the world.

For some unknown reason I have woken up to feel excited about the freedom I now feel. Today, I have disgarded my sensible, concientious head (adult? professional?) to throw everything to the wind for just a little while while I recuperate before my next round of hospital treatment/investigation. Today everything is a mystery. I am thirsty for new experiences and knowledge, and don't want even the merest hint of a routine to get in my way. Today I feel I just need to be spontaneous and meet whatever comes my way and have decided that today my curiosity will guide my decisions and choices. Nothing and no one can stop me from wanting to constantly learn and learn more about some unknown thing that might cross my path. I have endless questions filling my head so I need to continue searching for answers and trying to figure out what this life is all about. If ever I do I will let you know all about it - hope you are curious too!

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