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The (W)Hole of me

'The W(Hole) of me' depicts the three co-joined sisters ('Match', 'Spanish Sister' and 'Little Fanny' - co-stars of the dance/drama performance) all still struggling to find a space and voice in someone else's life. Recent explorations and their resultant experiences of connecting with the unconnectable in 'All of Me' have brought them to the surface once more to fight for a place in the fore of a life lived between many traumatised lttle souls all fighting for survival in search of the healthy self burried beneath them. Great gaps and holes waiting to be filled by some organic substance now take the places of the previously more solid parts of their shape and form. In this drawing everything beneath a serene surface comes together together into one flimsy transluscent bubbling mess that lies just beneath the surface of what looks like a person grounded in reality. Life is full of little but significant surprises if we dare to look closer.

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